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Who we Are

For over 75 years we have been selecting the best varieties and working together with farmers in order to increase productivity and quality in their businesses!

Our commitment to meet the  producers needs can only be achieved through a further significant enhancement of research activities.

SIS: who we are

For us, achievments speak for themselves, the result of scientific research and cutting-edge genetic improvement activities, combined with the know how and passion of our breeders.

Every producs is certified and traceable. Our research activity pays the utmost attention to scientific innovation and the needs of consumers and market, which today are particularly attentive to biodiversity, environmental and social sustainability.

This is the reason why we pay value to our seeds, giving them the chance to enter the supply chain processes, by reaching customeres tables.

Our seeds are the basis for sustainable agriculture in all cultivation areas, both in Italy and abroad, oriented even towards respect for the environment, the “carbon trap” and the recovery of marginal areas.

Our Values

S.I.S. Società Italiana Sementi is a company which core value is the attention to its people: people who put passion in everything they do.

It is only by creating value with its own seeds that it is possible to pay value to the people who work in the company and farmers who use these seeds.

“Acquiring value to give value” is, therefore, the philosophy that, particularly in recent years, has guided  S.I.S., aware of the fact that only by orienting its investments towards a strong commitment to research, experimentation and transfer of innovations to the agricultural world, benefits and security can be brought to the entire supply chain.

These values that derive from our history, traditions and shared roots, lead to the creation of innovations that proudly enhance our Italianness.


The Company’s activity deals with all phases of the seed cycle, from the constitution of new varieties, through the multiplication of seeds and finally to their processing. Such seeds are then put on the market together with an attentive technical support, always with the aim of making innovative tools available to farmers, giving them the chance to improve their productions.

1) Research and Experimentation

Research, breeding and experimental activities carried out or coordinated directly by the Company’s staff, take place in the experimental farms of San Lazzaro di Savena (50 ha), Cantaglia (95 ha) and Fante (150 ha) and in other farms which are part of a dense network of tests carried out all over Italy and abroad, in the Company’s main areas of interest.

2) Seeds Moltiplication

The seed multiplication activity currently involves approximately 25,000 ha under the direct control and supervision of SIS technicians. These activities take place in farms with specific know how and and expertise in seed production, and with a years-long collaboration with S.I.S..

3) Seeds Processing

Seed processing has seen a consistent boost in recent years. In 2016, with the acquisition of PRO.SE.ME, plant set in Piazza Armerina (EN), thence added to the historic plant in San Lazzaro di Savena (BO), S.I.S. improved the operational capacity mainly for durum wheat. Then, the acquisition in 2023 of the factories in Montebello Vicentino (VI), San Giorgio di Piano (BO), Castelnuovo di Sotto (RE) and Bellante (TE), brought the overall annual production capacity to 14 processing lines and to about 100,000 tons of straw cereals, with the possibility to deal with both conventional and organic seeds.

4) S.I.S on the market

The company displays a seed catalogue of 35 species and over 200 varieties and hybrids. Sales operations are handled by a team of S.I.S. technicians with the support of a network of agents, with the aim to guarantee widespread and effective technical and commercial support. This market approach is based on the performance of the varieties and hybrids tested annually at farm level, as part of a vast experimental program.

Social commitment

S.I.S., Società Italiana Sementi, concretely supports some organizations active in social commitment: