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It is with unconditional love for the land that we renew our commitment to the growth of its fruits.
Every day, since 1947.

Serving agriculture for over 70 years

S.I.S. Società Italiana Sementi S.p.A. was founded on August 23rd, 1947 with “the aim of providing on behalf of the Federazione Italiana dei Consorzi Agrari for the seeds multiplication of selected breeds, established by the Istituto di Allevamento Vegetale di Bologna, by Experimental Stations and by private breeders of plant breeds.”

On August 23, S.I.S. S.p.A. was formed on the initiative of the Istituto di Allevamento Vegetale per la Cerealicoltura of Bologna and the Federazione Italiana dei Consorzi Agrari with the aim of multiplying and spreading the varieties of cereals created by the institute itself and by private breeders.

Sisforagera S.p.A. is born following the incorporation of “La Foraggera” company, founded in 1939 on the initiative of Federconsorzi and the Stazione di Praticoltura of Lodi for the multiplication and diffusion of selected seeds of forage varieties.

Sisforaggera incorporates two other historic seed companies of the group, namely Società Polesana Prottici Sementi of Rovigo and Sementi Nazareno Strampelli of Rieti, increasing its genetic heritage.

Return to the previous and current name: S.I.S. Società Italiana Sementi S.p.A.

S.I.S. was acquired by Flaminia S.r.l., a company set up by a group of Consorzi Agrari and controlled by the  Consorzio Agrario di Bologna e Modena.

S.I.S. celebrates the 50th anniversary of its founding. In the same year the A.N.B. enters the share capital of S.I.S. through its subsidiary SADA, further testifying the importance of S.I.S. for the entire national agricultural world.

The new headquarters, next to the factory, with the administrative and commercial offices and the Research Building are inaugurated; the coordination center for the testing activity which takes place in the two S.I.S. farms set in Idice and Cantaglia and in other external farms throughout Italy.

With an important conference on grain farming organized at the Università di Bologna, S.I.S. celebrates 60 years of activity.

S.I.S. renews its packing and processing lines, considerably increasing its production capacity and increasing its storage capacity of extra 1,600 tons thanks to the installation of 8 new silos. Also in this year, S.I.S. varieties reach 20% of the market shares in rice, soft wheat and durum wheat.

The distribution and storage plants are further renewed, always pursuiting the policy of investment in the quality of work

Renovation work on the roof of the Idice plant begins, while the BOLOGNA soft wheat variety conquers the first place in Italian rankings

The new and modern greenhouse is inaugurated. With its 250 mq, it testifies the company’s continuous commitment to improve Made in Italy research.

S.I.S. acquires the company Pro.Se.Me. of Enna, consolidating its leadership both in terms of volumes and turnover, reaching 50 mln euros.

70th anniversary of S.I.S. activity: it continues to sow the future.

Installation of a new stocking line, reaching a total of 22 silos with a total storage capacity of about 500,00 tons.


The NATIONAL SEED POLE is established through the acquisition of 4 new seed factories:
• Montebello Vicentino (VI)
• San Giorgio di Piano (BO)
• Castelnovo di Sotto (RE)
• Bellante (TE)

For a total annual processing capacity of approximately 100,000 tons of straw cereals. In addition to the usual presence on the national distribution market, S.I.S. becomes sole supplier of seeds for Consorzi Agrari d’Italia and further develops its action on foreign markets.