In the early 1990's, the foundations for an extremely interesting plan for the genetic improvement of soybean were laid in Italy. 
 This plan led to the development of conventional soybean varieties (BLANCAS) and a range of soybean with a low anti-nutritional factor content (HILARIO, AIRES, ASCASUBI, PEDRO and BAHIA). These varieties were bred using traditional methods, to produce material with a low anti-nutritional factor content. The varieties were obtained by manual cross-breeding, transporting the pollen of the variety without anti-nutritional factors to normal variety flowers and evaluating the seeds of individual pods. The selection and conservation of purity is based on the genealogical method. Seed multiplication is carried out in Italy, controlled by technicians.

SIS always take care to all the aspects of the soybean, to reach the best production respecting theenvironment safety.The seed quality is essential for the expression of the best productive potential of SIS soybean.To maintain a high quality standard, SIS controls directly the production process of the seed in allits phases from the field to the warehouse.SIS always guarantees the traceability and GMO free certification.All SIS varieties were obtained, selected, maintained in purity and multiplied only in Italy.

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