Evaluating corn hybrids in different soil and climate conditions in Italy, with different agronomic growing techniques and based on intended use (grain, wet feed, silage), is essential to make sure each hybrid has the right positioning. This is why S.I.S. has set up an extensive network for all-round testing, comparing the hybrids most widely sold on the Italian market with new hybrids. Strip testing evaluates the following aspects: early vigour, stay-green, field resistance, yield, harvesting moisture content, grain quality and health, hybrid use (grain, wet feed, silage). Test results confirm the excellent yield response, excellent adaptability and field resistance of S.I.S.

corn hybrids 


SIS has always focused on seed development procedures and all controls that guarantee their best quality. With analyses and particular measures taken during development stages, the most important quality aspects are guaranteed for each SIS hybrid, and namely:


All seed development takes place in Italy under the direct control of SIS personnel. Electrophoresis and counter-season field tests verify genetic purity and the absence of pollution. PCR Real Time verifies the absence of OGMs in the parental lines used and in the hybrid obtained.


Specialised personnel test for specific purity, germinability and germination energy in the laboratory, with both warm and cold testing. Sampling and analyses are conducted during different stages of processing. Official analyses are carried out for each lot, with official ENSE sampling.


The entire seed, except for organic seeds, is treated with suitable products to make sure it is not attacked by fungal pathogens that may affect seed emergence or plant development. Special attention is paid to the product used, which must guarantee broad-ranging action to best protect all initials stages of the growth cycle and also ensure greater ease of use and the reduced exposure of workers. The product industrial application stage is also extremely important, and must guarantee safe doses and the utmost ease of use. Lastly, to offer operators even greater protection, SIS has been using a film-forming agent in dressing for many years that allows for better adhesion of the active ingredient and limits the effect of dust which is harmful to operators and the environment.

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