Catering for all needs - specific products of SIS's catalogue


The AGRI-ENERGY sector is rapidly evolving, calling for farms to be involved in every single aspect, from agronomy to financial investments. The production of energy from dedicated crops can play a strategic role.
In this context, SIS, focussing on innovation and the needs of farmers, while also prioritising food crops, has expanded its range of products specifically for energy use.
To make life easier for customers, products specifically for energy use are labelled as GREEN ENERGY - BIOGAS, FUEL AGRI-ENERGY and BIODIESEL.


SIS, with its long-standing tradition of fodder crops, has always paid special attention to breeders. Its catalogue includes products with specific characteristics offering breeders important opportunities to base their success on the foundations of accurate research work.
These products are labelled as EXCELLENT DIGESTIBILITY - STARCH or FIBRE.


Last, but not least, organic farming. SIS, as an all-round agricultural company, mindful of the evolving needs of consumers who want products that are even "safer and healthier", has products in its extensive catalogue with a genetic tolerance, quality and reliability making them ideal for organic farming and are therefore certified and marketed also as "organic" versions.
These products are labelled "ORGANIC SEED".