S.I.S. The values of a company

S.I.S., Società Italiana Sementi, is a company whose core values are its people, who work with a passion.
These values stem from our history, and from shared roots and traditions, and have led to innovation which, we are proud to see, empowers us even more.
Today, for example, S.I.S. is the leading company in Italy for wheat seeds, and has played a fundamental role in increasing the productivity and quality of national plant breeding.
.I.S. has also enabled Italian rice-growing to be recognised worldwide as the best for rice for Japanese cuisine, with its Yume variety and production process contracts, boosting all the great qualities of Italian agriculture.
S.I.S.'s many products and ideas are available to all Italian farmers, and with our customers continually supporting us, we can create new opportunities to grow together, because only if we work together can we maintain a leading role in the future too - for even greater success.

Our work

The Company is involved in all stages of the seed lifecycle, from developing new varieties, to seed multiplication, processing and marketing, with the aim of giving Italian farmers innovative ways to improve their production. Research is mainly carried out at its companies, Idice - of approximately 40 hectares, and Cantaglia - of approximately 95 hectares, as well as by extensive tests conducted throughout Italy, directly by Company personnel.
Seed multiplication takes place, directly controlled by SIS technicians, at agricultural firms that mostly have long-term experience partnering the company.
he seeds are mainly processed at the Idice facility, next to headquarters, but the considerable increase in work in recent years, and the need to promptly supply clients in locations further away, has led to some outsourcing of operations at modern seed processing facilities in different areas.
Product marketing is overseen by a team of company technicians, assisted by a network of agents working in different areas, that S.I.S. has increased in recent years, so it can be closer to its customers and their needs. This means the company can provide an effective, extensive customer service, with information sessions, visits to demonstration sites to test products in different environments, the distribution of manuals and technical information and participation in main trade shows.