Serving agriculture for more than 60 years

S.I.S. Società Italiana Sementi S.p.A. was established on 23 August 1947 "to provide, on behalf of the Italian Federation of Agricultural Consortiums, for the multiplication of select species of seeds developed by the Institute of Plant Breeding of Bologna, Experimental Units and private plant breeding organisations".

Company History


  • 1947 On 23 August, S.I.S. SpA is established by the Institute of Plant Breeding for Cereal Crops of Bologna and the Italian Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives in order to multiply and disseminate cereal varieties developed by the institute and by private researchers.
  • 1968 Sisforaggera SpA is established, following the merger with the company "La Foraggera", established in 1933 by Federconsorzi and the Stazione di Praticoltura di Lodi, for the multiplication and dissemination of select species of forage plant seeds.
  • 1988 Sisforaggera incorporates two other well-established seed companies of the group, "Società Polesana Produttori Sementi" of Rovigo and "Sementi Nazareno Strampelli" of Rieti.
  • 1991 the company goes back to its previous name: S.I.S. Società Italiana Sementi SpA.
  • 1995 SIS is taken over by Flaminia srl, a company consisting of a group of Agricultural Cooperatives and controlled by the Agricultural Cooperatives of Bologna and Modena.
  • 1997 SIS celebrates its 50th anniversary, with an important conference on the future of genetics in agriculture. In the same year, A.N.B. becomes a shareholder of SIS through its subsidiary SADA, demonstrating the importance of SIS for Italian agriculture.
  • 2001 The new headquarters are inaugurated, next to the production facility, with administrative and sales offices, and a research unit to coordinate the research work at SIS's two companies, Idice and Cantaglia, and at other sites throughout Italy.
  • 2007 To celebrate 60 years of operations, S.I.S. holds an important conference at Bologna University on wheat growing.
  • 2008 Continuing its strategy of investing in technological innovation, SIS renews its seed bagging and processing lines, considerably increasing its production potential, as well as its storage capacity with a new warehouse.
In June, during its customary annual presentation of its research work, SIS promotes a special "agriculture meets art" event, hosting an exhibition at the company by the sculptor Michele D’ Aniello, inspired by the lifecycle of seed plants.
n the same year, SIS's varieties gain a 20% market share for the three main winter cereals - rice, soft wheat and durum wheat.
  • 2009 SIS continues its investment strategy to continually improve the quality of its work, modernising its distribution and storage facilities.
  • 2010 As part of its focus on workplace quality, SIS replaces the roofing at its Idice facility, removing the old asbestos roof.
With autumn sowing, SIS achieves a first in Italy for soft wheat, with its BOLOGNA variety, and over 19,000 tons of certified seed, making it by far the top variety in Italy.
  • 2011 SIS continues investments into research: a modern, 200 m2 greenhouse is constructed at Idice.