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What it means to sow certified seeds

1. A better yield, because we choose the best techniques for our varieties (fertilisation, sowing density, protection from disease).
2. Safe sowing, because we guarantee specific purity, germinability, the absence of weeds, and quality industrial dressing.
3. Seeds that are always ready to use. No storage/cleaning costs, and no need for handling chemical products - to save time and ensure operator safety.

4. Access to and support for genetic improvement. Varieties with increasingly better yields, that are more resistant to disease and offer a better technological quality. Innovation in varieties is only possible with a certification system.
5. Legal compliance. Marketed seeds must be officially certified. The sale and purchase of uncertified seeds is illegal and sanctions may apply. Legal action may be taken against the unauthorised use of patented varieties.
6. Traceable production. Traceability improves crop value and promotes access to production process contracts.
7. More focus on the environment. The use of certified seeds means that environmental conditions can be respected and the use of agricultural pharmaceutical products and fertilisers can be reduced.